adhoc is an italian outerwear brand, the
strong connection with travel, nature and
fashion portrays the soul of the brand and
the dream of the two founders too.

The result is a “timeless outerwear concept”
with a great focus to the quality of the
materials, to all the details and to the forms.
For this reason every adhoc garment is
always perfect when you need, perfect
everytime, for everyone,
perfect everywhere.


At the time of the brand’s conception, we were dreaming about offering the city traveler an outerwear “suitable for any occasion” – both weather and non-weather related.

Today each adhoc garment is a unique product where past and future, beauty and functionality, tradition and innovation intertwine without denying our original dream – rather reinforcing it.

Every adhoc item is characterized not only by carefully selected materials and a high quality manufacturing, but also and more importantly by the commitment and passion of those who conceive, create and bring our products to life.

Someone who owns an adhoc garment is often a customer who was looking for something ad hoc for a particular situation and ended up with a product made ad hoc for him.