ADHOC presents ALWAYS READY TO WEAR, the “concept for timeless outerwear” for FW 17/18

The brand of outerwear for fashionistas has created a range of totally crease-resistant clothing. Perfect for travellers of all kinds: clothes for moving people.


Every trip is unique. is is the concept behind Italian brand, adhoc’s range that successfully combines a love of fashion with a passion for travel. e result is classic sportswear, reinterpreted with an innovative feel.

Adhoc, in conjunction with R&D division, Annibal&Co, studies and designs new technologies in the eld of textiles and llings.
One of the results is an inner membrane with an exceptional feel that leaves outerwear completely waterproof and easy to wash, transport, and above all impossible to crease. Fabrics maintain all of their original so ness and elasticity, for a period well above the average.



For the Fall/Winter 2017|18 season, adhoc has created two di erent concepts of travel style: one is more technical, while the other has
a more urban feel. And the shared feature? All garments are crease resistant and can be washed at home.

One line is inspired by the hardwearing qualities of military parka jackets, for travel in areas where the temperatures will be very low. adhoc has reinterpreted the parka in three di erent fabrics: cotton blend, jacquard with overprint, and herringbone wool. e common denominator is the membrane that makes the fabric completely resistant to creasing and water.

One of the must-have items is the Bold Parka, which is available in all three versions, lled with top-quality down and with added belt that means it can be carried easily over the shoulder. It is highly protective, and has a second hood that can be removed and also customized in a range of colours. e camou age version has been developed in a jacquard version with military overprint, produced by a leading Italian company in the eld of technical fabrics.



Another must have is aimed at the traveller seeking a more glamorous feel, without having to forego technical qualities and innovation, the Engine Wool Parkoat.

It is a combination of military parka and formal coat, made in herringbone wool with membrane. is allows the fabric to maintain all of its natural characteristics while also being resistant to water and creasing, and protecting the wearer!

Because we are our journey and we are what we wear.

The second concept developed by adhoc II is dedicated to the traveller with a more urban heart. e result: comfy, protective, lightweight and above all, packable.

Thee must from II is the 2-L Free Coat. e outer part looks like an impenetrable shell, while the inside is enriched with the inner membrane. the details of these garments are fresh and minimal. Made with synthetics but enhanced with the inner membrane, the results are coats that can be easily machine washed at home, but which are also resistant to stains and drips, and which come out looking like new.   
Because we are our own style and desires.


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